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What to Expect While Doing Marketing in Times of Crisis

By Vanessa Quinde

Executive Director at ComCorp

In times of coronavirus, as this situation evolves, we all find ourselves in a scenario where we have more questions than answers, not only on a personal level, but also on a professional level. How should we marketing executives act? What should we say, and what should we not say in our social networks, press and internal client? Who can we lean on? There really isn't a guide for times like these. And this is that this situation took many of us by surprise, and without prior notice. That is why, from our position as marketing executives, I wanted to share some aspects that we should expect while working in a state of emergency:

  • Coordinate with your IT department in advance: Working from home is the most obvious change in this specific time of crisis. Therefore, we must ensure that we can access all the data and documents, at any time and from anywhere. This may seem unimportant, but when a crisis like this occurs, you wish you had planned ahead. I know people who left passwords for social networks and institutional CRM platforms in their offices. They have no way to communicate with their external audience.

  • Resilience, resilience and more resilience: you will be forced not to continue working under your usual marketing strategy. That is why you have to open your mind and think outside the box, make last minute decisions and, why not, in some cases, improvise. I particularly see myself as a juggler, adapting, thinking about how to impact each day to take advantage of the crisis in the best possible way.

  • They will copy your best ideas, rest assured: Be flexible, because every good marketing product you launch, they, your competitors, will try to copy. In some cases, they will even copy your texts, your colors, your fonts. Don't blame them. Be happy because you are the one who sets the tone.

  • Nothing is set in stone: a moment of crisis is a scenario of trial and error. When you want to be innovative, it is okay to make mistakes. It would be worse if you don't try anything and stop communicating. Make mistakes, yes, but don't delay. Correct and improve.

  • Limited resources: Facing a crisis scenario without warning can be very challenging and exhausting. Trust the support of those colleagues who are most available to contribute to your marketing actions. With a small team, and working from home, trusting key people can make a big impact by generating relevant content in less time.

  • New perspective: the path to being the best should not be seen as aggressive competition. Relax, you are doing the best you can. While your competitors may be fighting each other by making repetitive posts, focus on a different perspective. Be smart. Be different.

Finally, you will be fine. Working in times of crisis is an exciting experience. Have fun and get the best out of this experience.

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